Start a photography business? It is possible.

Why start a photography business? The creation of a photography company seems to be an ideal job for someone who is passionate. Running a photographer’s office requires a fairly diversified field of expertise. But it also requires a real mastery of photography and its customers in order to be able to stand out from the competition already very present on this market. The task of starting a business is difficult, but the accomplishment of returning is well worth all the trouble, let’s start.

  • Before starting a photography business, think about possible training courses
  • Be interested in photography and know its basics
  • Before you become a professional, you will already have to master your device in a better way than the first amateur to come. There are many basic techniques to learn in this area before you start anything:

Specialize yourself

What do you prefer? Photography of events, weddings, concerts? Do you prefer portraits? Family photos, animals, culinary arts? In front of the different and numerous fields of competence, make a choice in order to specialize and propose an offer in which you excel. If you have not yet chosen a specialty, make your choice carefully, among all these options, the one that interests you and best corresponds to your skills.

Expand your skills when starting a photography business

In theory, you could go ahead and work immediately. You also have the opportunity to continue your training in order to perfect your technical skills, deepen some of the questions you ask yourself, discover how to manage a company or a customer base. If you have any doubts about a school/company that might train you, check out what your teachers have done in the past, a professional will always be more recommended. You can also find out if the former students were able to practice after their training.

A guide for the trip?

If possible, find a professional who has already proven himself or herself, whose work you admire and with whom you can communicate regularly. This source of inspiration is not necessarily someone you need to have met, however, the ideal is to have a contact with whom you can discuss, ask questions, at least once a month. It can also be interesting to look for someone who is not in the same field of expertise as you, given the competition that could result.

Renew experiences with different photography companies

Far from being mandatory, internships in companies are nevertheless very formative. They represent free education and are directly linked to the experience sought. Thus, they can train you very quickly if you fall into the desired field. Don’t be disappointed if you only find short internships to start with, the most sought-after interns are also those with the most experience.

Master your art

It is extremely important that you are always with your camera at hand, you must constantly try to improve yourself, try new techniques, improve your basics, understand the demands…

A true mastery of photography only comes after several thousand hours of trying. Skills are acquired through practice, don’t discourage!

Learn to use your tools with your fingertips

Buy your pro device if you don’t have one and know it inside out. You will need to learn how it works before you start your business. Since each brand has dozens of models with their own particularities, you will have to concentrate on one of them in order to master it in the smallest details: manual adjustments, light adjustment, but also learn to master the rest of your accessories: dimmer, lenses, editing software, stabilizer.

Choose quality equipment directly

A top-of-the-range equipment as well as a state-of-the-art service will allow you to be mistaken for the professional you are.

Create your own clientele

The Internet and networks branch
Create your own Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn accounts, and start publishing some of your photos, explain your activity and race subscribers. Indeed, they will probably be your first customers. Thanks to this totally free information channel, you can make yourself known and attract attention. A website or even a blog will also be very useful to you, establishing a mark of trust and seriousness among your visitors. Keep your profiles up to date, interact with other artists you are interested in, in short, exchange ideas.

You can also use associations, groups or networks of photographers. Although they can be part of the competition, they can also be a source of advice or inspiration for you.

Create your portfolio and advertising documents

As any boss could ask for a CV, before choosing you, a potential client could come to ask you for your portfolio. This is why it is very important to create a document containing all of your work, or at least a selection of it reflecting your specialty (events, portraits,…). A portfolio must be very neat and show your creativity and seriousness.

In addition to your portfolio, it is important to be able to share advertising documents so that your potential customers can discover your offers. Business cards, flyers, posters, even newspaper ads, do not hesitate to advertise in order to make yourself known.

Word of mouth

When starting your business, talk as much as you can to those around you, there is nothing as effective to get started and advertise yourself at a lower cost. You will probably have to work on it from time to time, but the more generous you are and the more interesting your work is, the faster your name can flow.

Taking pictures

Listen to the opinion of professionals
There is always room for improvement in your skills, you will need to listen to your colleagues if you want to continue to improve yourself and your competitors; do not rely solely on your relatives or family members, as they are probably not professionals and will not be objective: sometimes advice or criticism can be much more constructive than congratulations.

Play with your appearance

In order to create your photography business it is important to have a good presentation in order to be taken seriously by your customers and prospects. Even if the world of photography is very diverse, some occasions will require you to be in costume (e. g. marriage), others will not, evolve according to your environment and know how to adapt!

Create your own photography business

Maintaining your passion and creating your own photography business: it’s possible
Your professional environment will probably force you to change the frame in relation to what you prefer to shoot. It is very important that you continue to live your passion if your work takes you on other projects.

Taking pictures just for fun or passion will always be the best solution to improve and try other techniques. In addition, it will allow you to provide your portfolio.

Use it to evolve, if it is your desire that brought you here, listen to it and your sense of aesthetics, they are what constitute your originality. Don’t try to look like what others do, your eye and your individuality are unique and precious.

Tips for starting a photography business

In order to help you start your business, start with a part-time or full-time job nearby. The finances provided by this job will allow you to get started. All this while waiting for your passion to provide you with enough resources. If you benefit from a conventional termination and you are compensated, take the opportunity to create a company. You will receive both your Pôle Emploi benefits for up to 3 years and your company will receive the turnover of your work.

Competition is numerous and fierce. Thus, you will have to counter an already existing offer is present on the market. Don’t discourage, innovate, be original in your approach to business!

You are in a service industry, intended for people who have the financial means to hire a photographer. Your customer base may therefore decrease in times of crisis or recession. So be vigilant and inventive!