You are getting married, here are my tips to make your wedding photo a success….

Choose a wedding photographer whose images you like!

This is THE priority! If the wedding photographer is a professional who knows how to adapt to the specificities of your requests, it is not just a simple service provider. His approach and the personality of his photographs must match you so that you can feel comfortable reporting. A person who is confident with his or her photographer will be relaxed and appear as such in front of the lens. Many people prefer to be photographed without their knowledge because they do not notice the photographer or his lens and thus find themselves “more natural”. The photographer, then, to know how to make himself forgotten…

Show your photos to the wedding photographer!

Your photos are a source of dialogue! In terms of image, everyone has their own culture, sensitivity and vocabulary. When you meet the photographer, feel free to show him your photos. The ones you like but also the ones you don’t like. Talk about it! They are an important source of information for the professional. This way, he or she will be able to immerse himself or herself in what particularly affects you through a photograph. It is obviously not a question of copying or reproducing a style or an image, but simply of being influenced by a trend. If you appreciate the work of the person who will be photographing you, it is only natural that he should be interested in your personality to better capture and transcribe it.

Is your wedding photographer the photographer of your wedding?

When interviewing your wedding photographer, make sure that he or she will personally take the shots and not a subcontractor. And this, not only for the couple’s photos but also for the report on your wedding day: during the preparations, at the town hall, at the church and during the cocktail.

Tell him who you love!

Remember to tell your wedding photographer who the people around you are that you would particularly like to see in the images in the report. Your wedding day is a unique opportunity to have both the opportunity to call on a professional photographer and to reunite your family and friends. Enjoy it!

Send your photos to your guests

Beyond D-Day, you will be eager to see the images of the report. And the same goes for your guests. Patience! Patience! The processing of photographs requires long hours of work but the result is up to the task. In the meantime, plan how you will be able to communicate your wedding images to your guests. For this, the photographer’s private gallery is an excellent way to do this. Cards in “business cards” format indicating the address of the wedding photographer’s website as well as the access code to the private gallery can be given to your cookies. They will relay the information to your guests. Your family and friends will be able to view and, if they wish, directly order the prints of the images.

Inform your guests of the presence of a professional wedding photographer

Let your guests know that you are using a professional wedding photographer to report your wedding. Today, everyone has their own camcorder, compact digital camera and the slightest phone makes it possible to take pictures. It will therefore be necessary to ensure that the professional you are using is not overwhelmed. It is natural that your guests would like to be able to take their own souvenir photos, but it is important to ensure that this is not done at the expense of your own images.

Plan groups for group photos…. of groups

If you want to have group photos taken, make a list of the different groups to be taken. Of course, there will always be time to change the order and number of images according to the schedule when the time comes. But a small list slipped into the wedding photographer’s reporting bag will allow him to quickly place guests. To set up the main group, allow 15 to 20 minutes and then five short minutes for each photo in small groups. Example: group photo of 50 people (15 minutes), photo of the bride and groom + witnesses (5 minutes), photo of the bride and groom + parents (5 minutes), photo of the bride and groom + grandparents (5 minutes)…

Couple photos: before, after, during or not at all?

Should we take couple pictures and, if so, when should we take them? Some married couples are not very comfortable when it comes to “posing” for couple photos. Whether or not to take pictures of a couple is a personal choice. It’s your marriage, it’s your decision!